Production and technology

Устройство покрытий из пористо-мастичных асфальтобетонных смесей

Laboratories and production facilities of JSC “Tatavtodor” are well-equipped technically for high-quality selection, testing and production of various materials for road construction. For the last five years the company has the opportunity to produce materials innovative for Russia, such as porous mastic asphalt-concrete, as well as conventional dense, porous and macadam-and-mastics asphalt-concrete.

Porous mastic asphalt-concrete was invented in Germany in the beginning of 2000s by a group of German scientists along with Dr. Jürgen Hutschenreiter (May 08, 1957-June 22, 2018). This material can be characterized as a symbiosis of gussasphalts, macadam-and-mastic asphalts, and permeable asphalts. Its carcass structure enforces its resistance against plastic deformations. At the same time, significant portion of mastics provides zero air-voids in lower and middle parts of surface. The upper (contact) part of such surface features the structure and characteristics of permeable asphalts, thus providing the necessary roughness, reducing noise effect and drain the water away due to the intergranular air voids. Due to the abovementioned characteristics this type of surface may be used along with usual surfaces on the bridges and viaducts as a waterproof course.

Mixes of inert materials with clearly discrete grain distribution as fine aggregate with particles less than 0.063 mm are used for production of porous mastic asphalts in proportion of 20% of total weight.

The pourable mix is usually transported to the site of its application by a dump truck, and the temperature of the mix shall not exceed 190-200 °C. Transportability characteristics of the mix are usually regulated by stabilizing agents and temperature. Application of the mix is performed by standard asphalt paver. A lightweight wide roller is used for surface leveling and not for compaction.

In 2018 specialists of JSC “Tatavtodor” worked out a production standard for such mixes. In future, this technology shall allow increasing the service life of surfaces of artificial constructions, reducing construction time, and providing safety and comfort of road users.

The first time when workers of the company used the porous mastic asphalt-concrete mix was in 2018 on the Naberezhnye Chelny-Zainsk-Almetyevsk auto road, on the bridge across Zycha river.


Construction of surfaces of porous mastic asphalt-concrete mixes
Construction of surfaces of porous mastic asphalt-concrete mixes