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Применение в составе асфальтобетонов полимерных модификаторов

Since 2012 various polymeric modifiers for asphalt binders have been used by specialists of JSC “Tatavtodor”. Polymeric modifiers enhance the efficiency of asphalt-concrete mixes by increasing their processibility and performance properties.

For example, Honeywell Titan™ 7686 polymers were added to dense asphalt-concrete used for construction of “Airport” base driveway in October 2014.This modifier considerably enhances cohesion of bituminous binders and durability of asphalted surfaces as a result.

VIATOP® plus CT 40 additive, which contains Sasobit paraffin wax, was added to porous mastics asphalt-concrete (grade PMA-10) used for construction of asphalted surface of the exit road at “Usady” production base in Suburban branch. This polymer enhances performance of the hot mix as well as physical and mechanical properties of the surface layer.


Polymeric modifiers in asphalt-concrete mixes
Polymeric modifiers in asphalt-concrete mixes